Connecting Community

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Tonight was an exciting evening for two of my students and myself. We were invited to present ways we use technology in the classroom at the board meeting. My girls were nervous, but they did a fantastic job. All the school board members were very impressed by what the girls did on the iPads. I tried to stand back and let them do the talking, but they were very shy tonight in front of so many unfamiliar faces. They were able to show school board members and administrators throughout the district how they make YouTube videos to provide supplemental learning for their peers. We make these videos once a week over new content that we are learning. We upload them on our class Twitter page and on our YouTube channel so that all students can access them from home. We also showed them the power of Augmented Reality, and the board members were amazed! I am so glad that we were able to show them what we were doing in the class with the technology that the community and district has provided us with. It is great to show the community exactly how technology is being utilized. They know we have it, and they know we use it in class – but for them to see my kiddos in action was an amazing moment for this teacher. We connect with students, teachers, parents, and administration, but are we connecting with all stakeholders in the district and community? Everyone matters, and the more people we have involved in our students’ education the closer we are to reaching our main goal of student success.

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