Educreations & Augmented Reality


A few weeks ago, my students and I were deep into subject and predicates.  In the past I have always written sentences on the board and diagrammed them there.  We would then do worksheets.  Sometimes we would make up our own sentences and diagram them, too.  This year I wanted to change things up.  Make it a little more exciting.  This is what I did.  I had already printed the Planet AR Flashcards and was just waiting for a way to tie them into a lesson.  This was my perfect chance.  I had my students log on to Educreations on their iPads, and we took it from there.  With my iPad, the Apple TV, my SMART board, and the Planet AR FLashcards, we were on our way to a lesson that was sure to engage all my students.  I hovered my iPad over different planets.  When I did, the use of Augmented Reality made the objects 3D.  Simultaneously, the Apple TV was projecting these images on the SMART board for all my students to see.  The students then made up a sentence about the images that they saw. For example, the moon is made of cheese or Saturn has ginormous rings around it.  After they had a sentence written down, they then diagrammed the sentence into subject and predicate.  Essentially, I taught subjects and predicates the same way I had in years past; however, implementing technology made a huge difference.  The difference, every student was engaged and genuinely excited about what we were doing.  They wanted to make an “awesome” sentence so that I would airplay their iPad onto the SMART board for all the class to see.  I will definitely tweak this lesson in the future and use it again.  Give Educreations a try.  You can do so many things with it!

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