Warrior Tech Camp – Day One (Beginner Group)

Warrior Tech Camp (1)

We had a great turn out today at Warrior Tech Camp. This is the third year in a row for Cherie and me to put this on for the faculty at Warren, and it is always a really fun time for the both of us. We love researching different ways for teachers throughout the district to infuse technology into their classrooms. Today Cherie took the “advanced” iPad users, and I took the “beginners”. We stayed pretty basic in my class; however, I did walk them through a Nearpod, which is a tool that I love. I promised that I would post the resources that I used today on my blog for teachers to go back to. I want to thank Angela Moses, Karen Ford, and Steven Cox for helping me in the beginner group. Click on the following links for resources that we used today:

1. Tips & Tricks for new iPad users

2. Socrative

3. Kahoot

4. Nearpod

5. ThingLink

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