First Grade Fun

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Today I had the opportunity to go into a first grade classroom and work on a mini lesson with the class that incorporated technology. Ms. Reynolds had already introduced forming contractions to the class, so my goal was to bring a fun activity to reinforce this concept with her students. I came dressed as a doctor because doctors “fix” things, and we had words to fix. I wanted this lesson to be engaging to all types of learners. I wasn’t just going to bring technology because let’s be honest…technology doesn’t resonate with every student. So, I brought some cut outs, some little booklets, some stickers, and some technology. This way every type of learner was targeted throughout my mini lesson. I made some simple QR codes and taped them on an index card that had two words on it. The students had to form the two words into one. For example: I am  = I’m. When they scanned the QR code it gave them the correct contraction. This enabled the students to check their work before they wrote their word on the bandaid. The class was placed in little pods and worked together as groups to complete this project.

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Each group had a broken heart, a “bandaid” for each student, markers, and iPads. The students looked at their words and tried to figure out the correct way to put them together. Then they scanned the QR code to check their answers. The next step was for the students to write their fixed word on their bandaid. They then put the heart back together by using the bandaids as stickers.

My point is that technology does not have to be some big to do in your class. It’s just a tool – like a marker, pen, or a sticker.

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