Let’s Pray

Love God. Love your neighbor.  Mark 12:30-31

It does not say to love your neighbor if they are white or if they are black. It doesn’t say to love them if they are female or if they are male. It doesn’t say to love them if they agree with your opinion or if they disagree with your opinion. It says to love them as yourself.

People are hurting. Emotions are flying. Laws are being changed. We need to pray. Pray for people whose hearts and minds are hurting, confused,and searching for answers. Pray for our lawmakers because they have tough decisions to make – all while people are publicly slandering and judging their every move. Pray for them like you pray for yourself. Pray for them like your pray for your children. Just pray. Let’s pray to get along. Let’s pray that when someone doesn’t agree with our opinion that we can be ok with that. Let’s pray that we can disagree like “adults” – so that we can model the correct and appropriate way (not calling names, not pointing fingers, not shaming one another) to express our feelings, emotions, and opinions for our children. Because they are watching how we react, and that’s how they will react

Let’s pray. Let’s pray like the sinners that we all are. Let’s pray like the broken hearted human beings trying to survive life that we all are. Because being a human is hard.

Let’s pray. Because when we pray we will move mountains. Mark 11:23

*Disclaimer- I do have my own thoughts on all the political unrest that is happening in America right now. If you would like to ask me about them face to face I would love to chat. And if you don’t agree with me I will still love you. And I hope that you will still love me , too. 


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