Google Cardboard Lesson – #TechChamps

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Mrs. Fea’s Google Cardboard Lesson Ideas

I introduced the Google Cardboard to my students this week. It was amazing how quick it captured their interest. Who knew a piece of cardboard and a phone could be so exciting. I made my way around the room and let them view one of the ocean scenes on the app. I started trying to think of ways that I could use this in my room next year.  One of the most important skills we work on early in the year is sight word recognition. It’s hard to get students excited about practicing their sight words independently. I used the cardboard camera app to video my students holding sight word cards. I then let students  view the video. They immediately started shouting out the sight words with excitement and of course they loved seeing themselves on video.  Their task was to read each word and write down five words to use in a sentence. I could have had them do a similar task with an ordinary video,but the 360 degree view with the Google Cardboard creates more interest. The students are able to pan back and forth for as long as they need. Plus they think this simple little gadget is awesome! I think this would be a great activity to start the year with. I can’t wait to work on more ideas this summer.

Writing Station: Students will view a video  and then they will have a follow up writing activity. At the beginning of the year they will write simple sentences using sight words. The writing expectations will increase throughout the year. Eventually I would like the students to write stories related to the videos. I would like to put the video link on qr codes so they are surprised by their video. Maybe their video will determine the setting for their story. I am still trying to get my thought together on this idea.

Sight Words: I am going to make a video using the cardboard camera app with sight words and students will then view and read and write the words they find. They could even find words and put them in ABC order.

Math: I want to try the bowling VR I am thinking my students can write number sentences while playing this game.I would like for my students to make their own VR video and then create math word problems to go with them. This would be great especially for 3d figures.


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