Tech Champs Progress

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The Warren ISD Tech Champs program has taken off quicker than I imagined. I quickly realized that this was going to be much bigger than just integrating technology seamlessly into classrooms. This is about becoming a better teacher in every aspect. With that being said I know how important it is to reflect, and I am going to do just that. I plan on tracking our progress throughout the whole year, so we will be able to look back next year and make this even bigger. I have a huge support system. My superintendent, Brad McEachern, and my Network Administrator, Cherie Stanley, are constantly pushing me, questioning me, giving me feedback, helping me brainstorm, and even have a few challenges lined up for my Tech Champs. So far we have had two challenges. The ladies will also be attending technology conferences throughout the summer.

Challenge 1 was pretty difficult. They had to assemble Google Cardboard, experiment with it, and then write a lesson plan for their classroom. They all did amazing. They thought of ideas that absolutely blew my mind. Of course you can go to my website and check out their ideas under my Tech Champ tab. The second challenge was in two parts. They first had to write down their small and large technology goals for the year. Cherie and I sat down together to go over them. We then brainstormed ways on how to make these goals work for each teacher. We thought of different platforms that may work for the various things that they want to do next year. I was extremely impressed with their technology goals. I was pretty much in “Proud Momma” mode. The second part of challenge two is a year long project that they will be working on. They have a Google Doc with one date a week for the next year where they will copy and paste a link to an article that they found relevant or inspirational to them (or their class). I think it is so important to grow in your profession. Let’s be honest – I am pretty much a fanatic about being in a constant state of research and how to make things better for teachers and students. I love digging for new ideas. I love seeing what other people are doing. I hope that this will give my Tech Champs inspiration and fresh ideas for their class. Get this – the articles can be about anything. This isn’t just about technology. It can be about classroom management, positivity, curriculum, etc. Anything that makes us better – makes our students better. I am actually going to be sending out challenge three very soon. It will be easy! Half of the challenge is from me and half of the challenge is from our superintendent. Stay tuned as my Tech Champs do amazing things throughout this year.


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