Canva Challenge – Abby Paben

Transformers: Turning Your Poster into an Essay


Lesson Plan

Teacher : Mrs. Paben

Date: TBD

Overview & Purpose

Students will use images or quotes to develop the layout of their expository essay and understand their need to use specific details in their writing.




1. Students will write a multi-paragraph essay to convey information about a topic that presents effective introductions and concluding paragraphs, contains a clearly stated purpose or controlling idea.

2. The essay will be logically organized with appropriate facts and details while not including any extraneous information or inconsistencies.

3. The students will accurately synthesize ideas from several sources, and uses a variety ofsentence structures, rhetorical devices, and transitions to link paragraphs.

Materials Needed:

1. Teacher Canva Demo

2. Student iPads with Canva App

3. STAAR Writing Paper

4. Writing utensils


Steps to check for student understanding.

1. Students will use images that relate to the writing prompt.

2. Students will provide detailed sentences to be more specific in writing their expository essay.


Describe activity that will reinforce the lesson.

Students are given the following writing prompt:

Studies show that by children playing sports, it helps develop character. Explain why or why not this statement may be true.

Students will use the Canva App on their iPads to create a poster by adding five pictures in sequential order in accordance to their expository essay (introduction, body paragraph 1, body paragraph 2, body paragraph 3, and conclusion). Then, students will use the images to develop detailed sentences into their expository essay to keep it from being too generic.


Depending upon the needs of the individual student, the essay may be shortened to three or four paragraphs and include fewer transitions.

Teacher Canva Demo:


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