Canva Challenge – Michelle Weichert

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For this Challenge, My Culinary classes will keep track of all recipes and things they cook in lab and at home. (edible homework)  At the end of the year, they will use Canva to create a Class Cookbook with all of their unique recipes.  For instance, we do several cooking challenges with appetizers, desserts, and small meals they can make.  They will use Canva to feature each recipe, the ingredients, and the process of making their food/snacks/desserts.  After compiling and printing an “example pilot Cookbook”, these students can then sell it to staff and family to be put back into the program to be used for them.

This cookbook will also feature anything they make in lab, such as the Apple Pies at Thanksgiving, Crepes, Tortillas, Cookies, Cakes, and their home made pizzas.

TEKS Addressed (Underlined)

(6)  The student understands the history of food service and the use of the professional kitchen. The student is expected to:

(A)  research famous chefs from history and note their major accomplishments;

(B)  identify global cultures and traditions related to food;

(C)  summarize historical entrepreneurs who influenced food service in the United States;

(D)  analyze how current trends in society affect the food service industry;

(E)  use large and small equipment in a commercial kitchen;

(F)  develop food production and presentation techniques;

(G)  demonstrate moist and dry cookery methods;

(H)  demonstrate the preparation skills of items commonly prepared in food service operations such as breakfast cookery, salads and dressings, soups and sandwiches, stocks and sauces, appetizers, seafood, poultry, meat, pastas and grains, and fruits and vegetables;

(I)  demonstrate baking techniques such as yeast breads and rolls, quick breads, and desserts;

(J)  demonstrate proper receiving and storage techniques;

(K)  demonstrate proper cleaning of equipment and maintenance of the commercial kitchen; and

(L)  demonstrate types of table setting, dining, and service skills.

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