Day 12 – A Servant’s Heart

Rejoice with those who rejoice; mourn with those who mourn.
Romans 12:15

Screen Shot 2017-03-12 at 7.54.24 AMSometimes the best way we can serve people is just by being where they are. In a happy situation, we can sincerely celebrate their accomplishments or dreams with them by fully immersing ourselves in the moment. How did they arrive at this place? How hard did they work to get here? Why is this so important to them? Don’t just dismiss their achievements with a nonchalant atta boy; instead, truly celebrate the moment with them. They’ve worked hard. This is important to them, and by showing them that you truly “get that” then you are showing them a small glimpse of Jesus within you. Because Jesus cares. Jesus celebrates with us. Jesus knows when things are a big deal. He was never jealous of others’ good fortune. He was genuinely and honestly happy for them. If we want to be true stewards of Christ then we need to foster the same type of positive attitude toward others. Likewise, when someone is going through a time of pain, we need to legitimately be there for them. What has taken place for them to be in a place of mourning? How would we feel if this happened to us? How would we want our friends to act in this situation? When life is busy and demands are beating down our doors, it can be hard to recognize what needs our friends may have. This is where we need to stop and pause. We have to push our own needs to the side for a bit and focus on our neighbor. They may only want text messages full of prayers and kind words, or they may want you to come over and sit in silence with them. It may be taking time out to cook for them or to watch their children. Everyone is different. Everyone has different needs. It is so important as Christians to be sensitive to the personalities of the people we are serving and ministering to. Showing someone that we are there for them is a huge gesture. It is an indication that they are not alone, and that they can make it through whatever storm they are currently drowning in. Our ultimate goal is that they would see Jesus in us as we are serving them. Jesus is our one and only hope. So, whether people are celebrating a new job position or they were just bombarded with unexpected news – be there for them.

God, today help me see what is happening in the lives of the people around me. If we need to celebrate then help me to be genuinely happy for them. If someone is going through an unimaginable time then please help me be what they need. Help me to be Jesus to them. Amen.

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