Don’t Turn Back 

Snakes are sly little creatures. They lurk in tall grass not making a sound. They camouflage themselves. Slithering quietly. Slowly. They often don’t cause a scene until it’s too late. 

Eve had everything. A beautiful place to live. A husband that adored her. Paradise. However, right around the corner the serpent was waiting. He was watching. He came in quietly not causing a disturbance. He wooed her with things that were slightly out of reach, and Eve asked, “What if?” She questioned God. She turned her back for one second. She lost focus. It was harmless, right? 

One flirtatious text. 

One more purchase. 

One lie. 

One look. 

Just one drink. 

The gluttony. 

The omission. 

One wrong look. 

One hurtful word.
God will forgive us of our sins; yet, there will always be a consequence. The aftereffect could be minuscule or catastrophic. Although we can’t see the price that these consequences will have in the long run, it’s quite possible that they will wreak years of havoc on everyone around you – including yourself. 

Don’t turn your back.

Don’t second guess. 

Stay focused. 

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