The World doesn’t need my Opinion 

There have been two hot topics swirling around the World Wide Web in the midst of mass devastation to my great state of Texas. 

Guys, I bite my tongue. A lot. I work really hard on holding my sass level down. There’s a lot of prayer that goes into that – just ask Frank. I am extremely careful about the words I write and post. Nonetheless, I gave in and wrote about those two topics. It was going to be a great post, and my pros and cons on the topics would get my point across and hopefully make people see why my way of thinking was correct. I even sent what I wrote to two of my good friends and one of my sisters to “ok” (justify) what I had written before I shared it with all of you. 

But – this morning when I was sitting in church I was gently reminded that the world doesn’t need my opinion, too. The world is inundated with opinions. What the world needs is God’s word, and that’s what I will continue to base all my writing on. 
Other things the world needs:





Grace & Forgiveness 

“Do to others as you would have them do to you.” – Luke 6:31

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