I’m a Used to Be

God forgets the past.


We should, too.

Next time we hear a story of something amazing that someone is doing, let’s fight the urge to say [and think] the following words:

-I remember them from high school……

-Weren’t they the one that ……..

-Yeah, but their momma (daddy) did ….

-Yeah, but their kid did ……….

-They used to be…….

I’m going to be honest, I’m glad that I’m a used to be. That just means that God loved me enough to intervene. He loved me enough to say – woah, let’s do away with that path and start down this one.

He loves me, and He loves you.

Do you want to join me in being a “Used to Be”?

Message me. I won’t stop praying, and that’s a promise.

“Do not remember my youthful sins and transgressions; but remember me in light of your gracious love, in light of your goodness, LORD.” – Psalm 25:7

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