Power in His Name

Yahweh. Jesus. Son of God.

A series of events intricately woven together – thousands of years apart – have allowed us to call on the power of God’s name whenever we are in need. When Jesus sacrificed His life for ours on a rugged cross, He irrevocably passed us the baton. He handed us the power. I don’t think we fully comprehend or fully utilize the precious gift that God gave us that day.

When God’s name was spoken in the Bible He:

Cast out demons

Healed diseases

Brought salvation

Breathed life to the dead

He loved

God wants us to call on Him. He wants to help us, to save us, and to love us. He wants us to say His name with confidence. With boldness. With awe.

After all, He is the great I am. He is God.

“LORD, there is no one like you! For you are great, and your name is full of power.” – Jeremiah 10:6

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