Christmas Eve

It’s Christmas Eve, y’all!

I love the lights. The music. The cookies. Most of all – I love the traditions. This is good thing that can quickly turn into a bad thing if I place too much pressure on perfection.

I like a plan. I like a list. A few years ago I had to take a step back and really examine myself. If every tradition didn’t go exactly like I thought it should I would get my tinsel all up in a tizzy, and no one wants (or deserves) a cranky momma, wife, sister, or daughter on Christmas.

My focus was in the wrong place.

I had to learn to relax. To just be. To enjoy my family and the fun that they were having.

Christmas Eve shouldn’t be a checklist. Christmas Eve should be a celebration of what was about to come all those years ago – a precious baby boy that would eventually save the world.

This Christmas I pray that we would all treasure this time with our family and friends. I pray that the list makers would relax. I pray that the perfectionists would take a deep breath. But most of all, I pray that our focus would be on Jesus, His birth, His love, and His unfailing grace.

🎄❤️I love y’all. 🎄❤️

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