This is our Heritage

**The Easter Story**

Four different apostles wrote their own account of what we call The Easter Story. This story is one of:








Although the start of each book is so grim, so choked full of heartache and lies and deceit – they each end with the greatest love story ever told. A story of love, hope, and fulfilled promises. A story of a God that loved us so much that He sent His only son to die on an old rugged cross.

For me. For you.

This story of sacrificial love can be found in the following books and chapters of the Bible:

Matthew 26-28

Mark 15-16

Luke 22-24

John 17-20

Read them all. Soak in the tiny details. This is our heritage. This is our story.

Which is your favorite account? Mine changes. As of today I’m focused in on Matthew 27.

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