Excuse Me

I like to write. Not speak. Because when I’m writing I can go back and edit. It’s safer. Grammatically and emotionally.

But let me tell y’all something – this morning I’m fired up about Jesus, and if someone gave me a mic I would go off.

I would go off about how Jesus loves everyone.

About forgiveness.

About the underdog.

About religion and skin color and poverty.

I would go off about how I was a big fat sinner – and still am – but Jesus washed it all away. I would go off about how Jesus loves me [and you] in spite of our shady past.

I would go off about how He is rooting for me.

And He is rooting for you.

And for the person you don’t like.

And for the person that sinned differently.

And for the person that’s a different skin color. A different religion.

The atheist.

Jesus doesn’t care who you are or who you were.

He just loves you.

Excuse me while I go off.

And pray.

And worship.

And tell my story.

Excuse me.

Dear God, humble me. Remind me. Forgive me. If judgmental thoughts creep in – take me down a notch or two or three. I have a past, but my future is brighter because of you. And the same goes for every person I come into contact with. Remind me. Amen.

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