God’s Bigger

I had something else to post this morning. I even sent it to Deb Navan last night for her to read over; however, I woke up at four this morning on fire and excited to see what God was going to do. I woke up with this urgent question on my heart: What mountain are you still circling?











So many mountains. So little time, y’all. I don’t care how you get past that mountain – climb up, walk around, ride a train – that doesn’t matter. All that matters is that you move past it and get going on the journey that God has placed before you.

It’s time. Stop walking in circles. Stop taking two steps forward and then doubling back because of doubts and what ifs.

God’s bigger than that stinking mountain.

“You have been traveling around this mountain country long enough. Turn northward.” Deuteronomy 2:3

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