Was it just an Apple?

That apple must have looked good. It must have been shiny. Mouth-watering. Eye-catching.

It had to have been. To give it all up.

I mean they literally had everything – except what they didn’t.

Was it really an apple that they were missing, or was it something more? Something deeper.

Was it an apple, or was it self-control? Was it really an apple, or was it peace? Was it a true, all-in, unshakable, love for God that their souls were really craving? Think about it.

Right now, what’s trying to catch your eye? What do you perceive to be missing?

Whatever it is, please don’t forget that God is shinier. Don’t let this world dim your desire for him. Don’t allow detrimental damage to be wreaked upon the journey that God has laid out for you.

Don’t justify.

Don’t compromise.

That apple isn’t worth it.

“Can a man walk on hot coals

without his feet being scorched?”

– Proverbs 6:28

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