The fire


It’s happening every single day, and you best believe that it’s going to burn.

Sometimes God has to hold us in the middle of the fire to purge the impurities from within us. And sometimes when we are stubborn, when we are refusing to let go of the dross within our heart and soul, He has to hold us there a little bit longer.

Just remember, when He is holding us in the fire – He is doing just that – He is holding us. And He isn’t going to let us go.

Guys, the fire has a purpose. The fire is making us pure. When the impurities within us have melted away and we’ve been purified and cleansed of the world, God will look into the fire, stare straight into our eyes, and see His reflection.

What an incredibly beautiful process.

I want to look like Jesus – even if it means sitting in the fire.

“For you, God, tested us; you refined us like silver.” Psalm 66:10 (NIV)

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