Run like Phoebe

I’ve been exercising this summer – insert pat on the back.

Yesterday – like every single day this summer – it stormed. Thankfully, it never lasts long. By the time I went to the track it was a cool 79 degrees, and the sky was absolutely gorgeous.

There’s really nothing better than a beautiful sky. I was running, soaking in the sunset, and I just busted out laughing at the following thought: this must be how happy Phoebe was on that one episode of Friends when she was running.

Then I thought, “Do it, Daisy. Run like Phoebe.”

[If your thought process is as random as mine is please say Amen!]

The rest of the conversation I had with myself went like this:

▪️Run like Phoebe

🔸No! What if someone sees me.

▪️There isn’t anyone here.

🔸There are cameras though.

▪️Who cares.

🔸People will think I’m crazy.

▪️Once again – who cares.


And I did it. I ran like Phoebe.




And it felt awesome!

Which in turn got me thinking – isn’t that how we should be running after God?




Full of joy.

Not caring who is watching or what they are thinking. Not caring if people think your faith is too big or too this or too that.

I don’t know where you’re running to today, but I hope it’s toward Jesus.

And I hope you run like Phoebe.

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