Perspective y’all. It’s what’s been on my mind for weeks.

For example, when I’m sitting on my back porch and look straight ahead the view is beautiful – horse stables, an old wooden fence, and tall Texas grass. There’s just nothing better.

When I look to the left, the view consists of fields full of hay – bales upon bales. This Texas girl loves that, too.


But when I look to the right, in the distance, I see a gas station sign. It’s big. It’s ugly. It drives me crazy. It makes me sad.

It’s all I can think about when I’m on my back porch. Talk about focusing on the negative.

I’ve got to shift my view, y’all.

I’ve got to shift my focus.

I’ve got to shift my perspective.

Because I’m focusing on the one thorn I’m missing out on a whole field of roses. Y’all, I have a beautiful view – I just need to turn my head a little.

I really am glad that gas station is there. I mean first of all – gas! Secondly, my kids drink milk like there’s gonna be a shortage next week. In fact, if there is a shortage it’s gonna be those Marino babies fault.

Where is your focus today? What are you looking at? Can you shift your focus just a little?

“You will keep the mind that is dependent on You in perfect peace, for it is trusting in You.”

Isaiah 26:3

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