đź’›Guest Post Miss Kylie Kingđź’›

Our job is to be obedient. That’s it.

We are not called to figure it all out. We are not called to wake up in the mornings and have it all together or go to bed at night beating ourselves up for not being perfect during the day. I have found comfort over the years in the fact that my job is not to wake up and meet the qualifications of my own expectations of perfection.

As I grow into who I need to become, I often find myself at an intersection. Not a highway intersection – although my “life intersection” has many of the same qualities. My life intersection is full of red lights, yield signs, and lines of what seem to always be a slow wait. I share this with the knowledge I’m not the only “recovering perfectionist” crying for a way out. Don’t get me wrong, I love working at every task 100%. I try to put every ounce of energy into what I’m doing to make it perfect.

But what happens when the struggle of perfection makes us yield from what we are called to be? Simply to be obedient.

2 Corinthians 16 is my sweet reminder; “This is why we never give up, though our bodies are dying, our spirits are being renewed every day.”


Thank you for the green light at my constant intersection, Lord. Thank you for refreshing my soul – it needs it. Thank you for the reminder that you already sent me with the knowledge that I was never going to be perfect & that’s okay.

That’s why Jesus did what he did – for our imperfect, human nature. It was never my job to be perfect. My job is to wake up daily and give it my best shot. I need to give it my all for Christ by being an example of obedience. That’s my job.

So why do so many of us feel as if it is our job? Our bodies are dying, but our soul is refreshed daily. He needs us to do our job. The job of trusting and resting in the fact that He has every ounce of this crazy highway of life under control. It’s all carefully sculpted in his hands. He tends to take all the broken pieces and transform them into masterpieces.

Today I encourage you to stop allowing the enemy to seep in. You were never meant to live up to this expectation you have set for yourself. God wants to use you to impact this world. He wants to make beauty out of your refreshed soul and imperfections. Simply by realizing that you are called to rely on his love and be obedient will help you find your green light and accelerate through this highway we call life.

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