💛Guest Post by Miss Kylie King 💛


We’re all looking forward to something. I believe eagerness is a part of our human nature. It’s healthy to be excited about life – eager to read the end of a book, attend an event you’ve waited a long time for, or catch up with an old friend. Anticipation makes life exciting. Who’s with me?

In Matthew 28:19 states, “Therefore go, making disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.”

How exciting! When I read that I’m reminded of

the many things so much greater than ourselves to be truly eager for. These words describe the eagerness our Father wants us to have. To be driven. To go into the world. To recognize the crucial fact he has given us a job.

I challenge you to be eager.

Eager to change.

Eager to grow in your relationship with Christ.

Eager to forgive.

Eager to learn more.

Eager to dig deeper.

Eager to teach.

Eager to love greater.

Eager to be an example of the greatest love.

Eager to impact.

Lastly, I challenge you to be EAGER TO GO. Wherever you are, you have the strength to help make disciples of all nations. He needs you to be the change. He needs you to be eager.

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