God knows Best

Guest Post by Miss Kylie King

I don’t like change, and the human in me gets upset when the vision in my mind doesn’t become a reality. But do I really want my vision? My wants? Is that what the Lord wants for me? As tough as it is for the vision in my mind not to come about at times, I simply cannot compete with the Lord’s will. The more I dig deeper I realize I don’t want to. “You can make many plans, but the Lords purpose will prevail.” Proverbs 19:21

We may tell ourselves:

“This is everything I’ve ever wanted.” He wants more for you.

“Nobody knows myself like I do.” He knows you better.

“This is the perfect timing and I would love it so much.” He loves you more.

He knows what’s best. His plans are to redeem you. To restore you. No matter how hard you try to compete with your personal desires the sovereign God reigns over them.

Lord, today I ask for your reminder that I cannot compete with your will for my life. Your will is the best, even when we do not realize it. I may believe I have the most beautiful, perfect timeline for my life. But if it’s not yours than I do not want it. You truly know what’s best for me. I will trust in that, even when I do not understand. Thy will be done, Lord.

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