Never Look Back

Guest Post by Mr. Wayne Fridelle

“Never-Ever Look Back.”

Men and women. 👥

We have some similarities and we have even more differences. But there is one thing that we all struggle with and one thing that we all face in our lives: SIN.

Those that have heard me preach and teach before know that I love to ask questions: so, this morning – for a new audience – I ask you the following questions. Do you ever wish that you could be different? Have you ever wished that you could change? Have you ever wished that you could be a “better person”? I also ask, are you living in sin or in grace?

Maybe there is a certain sin that you struggle with, a sin that you just wish you could get past. It feels like it’s always there, hounding you, lurching over you; that any time you try to escape from it or get away from it, it’s always there to ensnare you again. Anyone of you ever felt that way? (If you are honest, you will probably say “yeah, I’ve felt that way” or maybe you are feeling that way now). Is there some part of your life that you are trying to “control” and dictate yourself? Or have you completely submitted to God? (Really, be honest with yourself).

Today, I will tell you, with the Lord’s help, it is time to move forward and find joy in the life you have with Him. For, Jesus is our joy, our peace, our hope and the evidences of these things are found in His glory. Believer, man, woman – person – who are you following? Are you following self? Or are you following God? Are you ready to move forward as a new person in Christ? Man, woman, Jesus lover, believer – GET UP. MOVE FORWARD. NEVER – EVER LOOK BACK.

The Apostle Paul, in his letter to the Romans, spent much time in the beginning of the letter describing and showing his original audience the depravity and wickedness that we as sinful people live in. (men and women). He laid it out very plainly in Romans chapter 3 by saying “all have sinned” and that “all come short of the glory of God.” He quickly cleared up the dense despair by saying that there is a way out of your condemnation. He said that we can be freely “justified by His grace through the redemption that is in Christ Jesus.” In other words, saying that if you would believe in Jesus you “through faith in His blood” would be declared righteous, “justified” in the sight of God. Then, in Romans chapter 5, Paul said this: “Therefore being justified by faith, we have …”. He then listed in verses 1-5 several benefits that we now have, in and because of Christ Jesus. He said that we as believers, justified by faith, have peace with God, access to God and hope in the coming glory of God. Not only does God freely justify us by His grace, through faith in His Son but, He then treats us that way. How amazingly awesome is that! (The human language and my vocabulary is too limited to describe how truly exciting this should be for us). We become His children, His beloved, by His grace alone, through faith alone, in Christ alone – then He treats us better than we ever deserve. So, I ask again, is there something that you are struggling with today? Is there some sin that you are still holding onto? Have you completely submitted to God? I really want to get you thinking this morning and want you to consider your life before Christ. Why, would you want to go back to that life? What does it have to offer you? Now, think about your life with Christ and what He has done for you. And the benefits He alone has given you. So, again, I ask; why go back to that life? (I want you now to take your Bibles and read Romans 6:1-7). Say what? Really, no joke, open God’s Word and read for yourselves.

In Romans chapter 6, Paul now begins to write and teach on the outcome of “justification by faith” and the practical effects of salvation. In verse one Paul, like I have said this whole post, asks questions. He says: “What shall we say then? Shall we continue in sin, that grace may abound?” Obviously, these questions are rhetorical in nature, including the question he asks in verse 2; but think … should we surely continue in sin? As a believer, justified by the blood of Jesus Christ; how should we live? Should we live godly lives before Him and others? Again, I ask, do you ever wish that you could be different? Have you ever wished that you could change? Have you ever wished that you could be a “better person”? … In verses 1 and 2 Paul basically is saying “get up” in your new life with Christ because you have so graciously been given one. In verses 3-5, Paul is saying to “move forward” in your new life with Christ. In verses 6 and 7 he suggests that we as believers – justified by faith – should “never-ever look back” to our old self. Remember, Paul also said in, 1 Corinthians 5:17 “therefore if we be in Christ, we are a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are becoming new …”. So, how should you live in your new life with Christ? What can you do differently?

1. Get Up – with CHRIST

2. Move Forward – with CHRIST

3. Never – ever look back, to your old life. Why? Because CHRIST has given you a new one.


Only God delivers – follow HIM.

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