Raise your Hallelujah

Guest Post by Mrs. Sarah Guedry

There are so many things I can’t control.

If I were in charge I would wave my magic wand and make so many things “right.”  But our all-knowing father sees things differently.  Maybe there is a purpose for the suffering beyond what I can see – I have to trust Him in that.  I have every reason to trust HIm.

Maybe part of His purpose is for me to seek comfort in His presence and in it alone.

Last night I was speaking with some 10year old girls about how we spend our time.   “What do you think about the most?”  “Your clothes?  Your hair? Your friends? What someone said?”  Do those thoughts bring you joy? Or discontentment?

I, of course, was completely convicted and so thankful for the opportunity to learn beside them.  God wants us to set our minds on things above.  Not because He doesn’t care about all of our problems and concerns… but because He does care deeply about them all.  He knows that we can face them if we fill our minds with truth.  

The truth is – God wins.

The truth is He- is all-powerful, all-knowing.  

The truth is He loves us deeply – enough to die for us.  A love greater than we can understand.

Why am I spending my time in worry? – it eats me up like a disease.  When I spend my time being thankful – worshiping my King, He lifts me up.  He fills my heart with joy.

Sister, don’t let anything you are facing today steal your Hallelujah.  

Then Jesus said to his disciples: “Therefore I tell you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat; or about your body, what you will wear. Luke 12:22

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