On Purpose

I’m an educator.

I’m an educator that loves to rest over Christmas Break. Each morning while slowly sipping coffee I sit on my comfy couch and listen to my praise and worship music.

With my Rae Dunn cup in hand:

I read my Bible.

I do my devotional.

I write.

I pray.

And I always think – wouldn’t it be nice if this were my normal? If all mornings were unrushed. No hair and makeup to be done. No leg prisons [aka pants] to put on.

And then I remember.

I’m here for a purpose. I’m here on a mission. And if I sit on my couch slowly sipping coffee and nothing else then what good am I to God’s Kingdom? I can read my Bible all day long, but if I’m keeping everything I’ve learned to myself then what’s the point? Honestly.

God’s girls are movers and shakers – no doubt. We have to get up and get out. Whether it be the grocery store, the hospital, the school house, or the home, we have to run to our mission field and fulfill our purpose.

Yes, Christmas Break for an educator is good. It’s so good. Educators need the rest and the refresher. We need down time after running in literal circles for the past few months.

But then we need to get up. We need to get up and get out to that mission field. We need to remember why we are here.

My house is my refuge. It’s my safe place. But God didn’t call His girls to be safe. He called us on purpose for a purpose.

So, in less than a week let’s be ready to go girls.

“He has saved us and called us to a holy life—not because of anything we have done but because of his own purpose and grace” (2 Timothy 1:9).

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