Christ be Magnified

The following song has been playing in my mind on repeat for well over a week.

🎶Oh! Christ be magnified

From the altar of my life

Christ be magnified in me🎶

I’ve always had pretty janky eyesight. So when I had the opportunity to look through a magnifying glass in third grade science my mind was seriously blown. That teeny tiny seed we were examining was all of a sudden huge. I could see every single detail. In fact, I could focus on it so well that I did not want to give the magnifying glass back to my partner. Sorry Derek.

In a world that would love to skew our vision, what things are we intentionally focusing on? What things are we making “big”?

Is Christ the biggest focus in our life?

Are we truly honing in on Him in every step We take and decision that we make?

The thing about magnifying something is that the proximity from that object to yourself doesn’t change, just your perspective does.

How far away are we keeping Christ?

At an arm’s length?

Or as close to us as possible?

One last question: If the world put a magnifying glass on our words, actions, thoughts, and even our faith, what would be glaring back at them?

“O magnify the LORD with me, and let us exalt his name together.” Psalms 34:3

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