Here & Now

Guest Post by Minerve Adams

Hi sweet woman! It’s so good to chat with you, even for a few moments.

You know how this past year, March to March, has been out of the ordinary and truly a time unlike any other? And maybe some of us took a couple of steps back in our goals and dreams, you know of course with good reason? And recently also lived through, by the grace of God, the Texas winter storm? All these crisis and unexpected life events have took all of us by surprise.

No matter what any of us go through, none of it is a surprise to God. And although at times you and I may feel behind in life or not living up to our fullest potential, God believes in you and is moving things in your favor!

I’d like to take a moment and ask when you think of ministry what comes to mind? If you grew up in the church, serving in a group at church may come to mind. If you came to Christ later in life, anything related to church may come up when thinking about ministry.

Well sweet woman, what if God is calling us to serve Him through the ministry He has given us today? The thing that is right in front of us. Ministry doesn’t have to be something in a faraway country, although if He called you to that then by all means serve well. But what if He gave you and me the ministry of here and now – like right now.

Some of us have the ministry right in our homes, serving our husbands and children daily. Others may be working from home and serving that way. Others may be serving out of their home or serving their social media audience.

No matter what your and my ministry look like today, it is not a surprise to God and it all matters to Him.

Our greatest commandment is to love the Lord our God with all our hearts, soul, mind, and strength and to love our neighbors as ourselves (Mark 12:30-31).

So, every ministry is important to the kingdom of God. And I pray for everyone’s ministry today that God fills each of us with His holy spirit, His peace that surpasses all understanding, and His fruit of the spirit so that you and I may serve God through our ministries well.

What does your ministry look like today? Share it below so we all can support you.

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