Turn to God

Guest Post by Miss Libby Whitlow

Have you ever had a bouquet of your favorite flowers? I did- from my mom and dad on my birthday. Once the flowers got shriveled and dead looking, I had to throw them away so they wouldn’t stink up my room.

We can think of our hearts as the beautiful bouquet that God has created for us. Sometimes we can have happy moments or events in our lives that build us up inside and make us feel good about ourselves. Other times we can have sad moments that can tear us down inside that make us cry and make us feel bad about ourselves.

God takes us through hard events in our lives like the death of someone we loved, breakups , or stress and anxiety from Covid-19. (You know- getting your assignments for school turned in on time or your work’s projects/papers you have to get done and turned in on your boss’s desk by a certain time.)

The devil can use times where you are sad to get in your head and break you down even more. The devil can rob your flowers (your heart) of water and that can cause your flowers to shrivel up. If you don’t take control of the devil trying to sneak in your mind during these times, your flowers can start to stink and ruin your relationship with God. When we go through heartache, you need to turn to something to help you through the hard times. I encourage you to turn to God in prayer and to Christian music.

Psalm 119:28 says, “My soul melts away for sorrow; strengthen me according to Your Word!”

When I’m sad and I need to remind myself that God is always here for me and that he will never leave me, I listen to the song, Famous For by Tauren Wells. This song reminds me that God is great and that he is always working in my life.

God is still rolling stones in your life (just like Lauren Daigle sings in Still Rolling Stones) . When God gives you moments where He takes you from your best to your worst, just know and trust that God did that for a reason. He will be with you every step of your journey and it will make your relationship with God stronger than ever.

Keeping your heart fresh like that bouquet of flowers is a choice we can make. “And he who was seated on the throne said, ‘Behold, I am making all things new.’ Revelation 21:5

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