Seek Him

Guest Post by Mrs. Faith Sanchez

As humans we tend to seek what makesus happy, those things or people we can see, to fulfill in us a void that we long to fill. We seek those people, places, or things that bring us instant gratification and seek to continuously find new people, places, or things to ensure our gratification endures in order to believe that the unfulfilled need is not there.

We seek so many things, places, or people that we don’t stop to realize that all of those “continuous gratifications” are temporary. These are all temporary solutions to an unfulfilled void that so many try so hard to deny its existence. Like most, dealing with temporary solutions, they are frustrated to a point of such aggravation that it will manifest and grow negatively in their lives. Those that love the unfulfilled person will not understand, for the most part, because in some ways they too have the same or similar struggles that they try to deny as well.


God teaches us that if we seek first His Kingdom and His Righteousness that all of your needs will be fulfilled. With that we have assurance that any unfulfilled void can be permanently filled!

Yes, seeking His Kingdom and His righteousness takes work! It takes us wanting a relationship with God by spending time with Him, reading His Word, praying, fasting, and a willingness to Honor Him in all that we do, say, or think. Most of all it takes us loving Him with our whole mind, body, and soul.
Don’t give in to the Devil’s lie that the permanent solution is too hard or you aren’t worthy. Jesus died on the cross to ensure it can be done and that you are worthy through Him!

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