It doesn’t matter

We have all been like Peter at some point in our lives with dreams and ambitions to walk on the water. We wanted to conquer the world, but here we sit some days barely able to conquer the laundry. And just like the snake he was in the garden, Satan whispers in our ear, “Did Jesus really call you out on the water?” We begin to reason within ourselves that humans were never meant to do that which science deems impossible, tuck away any hope of greatness ever being connected to our lives and resign ourselves to life on the boat.

It’s not that we don’t like the boat…It has kept us safe as we’ve weathered the storms of life, but we’re left wondering what might have been. And just like that, we relegate ourselves to the “curse” of normalcy.

What if I told you it was never about Peter wanting to walk on water? What if I told you it was about Peter’s desire to be where Jesus was and that he was overwhelmed only when his eyes and thoughts shifted to his surroundings, to where he was rather than The One he was with? Peter didn’t say, “If that’s really you, let me walk on water, too.” He said, “If that’s really you, tell me to come to you…on the water.” Peter was really saying, “Jesus! If that’s really you, I want to be where you are! I don’t care if it’s not where everyone else is, just let me be with you!” Peter was so passionate! His faith failed him only when he looked away from Jesus and thought, “This isn’t how it’s supposed to be…”

Here’s the crazy thing: The miracle didn’t stop, because Peter got back in the boat with the others. Jesus got in the boat, too, and THEN the wind died down. Jesus could have stopped the wind and calmed the waves the moment Peter began to sink, but he didn’t. The miracles didn’t happen because of where Peter was. His location didn’t matter. The miracles happened because of WHO he was with, who he followed, pursued, and loved.

Lay down the lie that your identity is found in anything other than being a lover. Your position in the Heavenlies is not determined by whether you are on the waves or in the boat. Your position is found in your proximity to the heartbeat of Heaven.

Today, may you find the mighty in the mundane, the miracle in the moment, and majesty with the Master. You are the beloved.

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