Be a good friend

“ You must love your neighbor as yourself.” Matthew 22:39

Guest Post by Miss Harley Perkins

Sometimes it’s hard sitting on the sideline. Sometimes it’s hard when you realize it isn’t your time to be in the spotlight.

When it’s not your time in the spotlight or time for a promotion at work, we can become discouraged and only focus on what we “don’t have” at that moment in our life.

But when it’s not our time to shine, maybe it’s time for our friend to shine and time for you to be their best supporter. Maybe it’s time for you to learn how to give the best hugs, speak encouraging words, and cheer them on to their greatest achievements.

Learning to be a friend can be the greatest gift in a time of waiting for our own opportunities to arise. We can learn how Jesus deeply loved his disciples and was the best friend to all people.

We can decide to focus on our bench warming season or be the biggest fan to our friend who is running towards the goals God has for them.

Cheering on your friends and being their greatest supporter takes nothing away from the victories and triumphs God has planned for you. Being a friend can give you a joy you’ve never known before.

So today, if you’re sitting on the sideline, don’t focus on your nonexistent playing time. Make a choice to love your friends who are climbing mountains and reaching goals that God has given them. Your time is coming, but trust me, when it’s your friend’s turn, your unconditional love and support is a sturdy foundation for their victories.

Be a great friend today. 🤍

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