State of Grace

Guest Post by Mrs. Pam Bryant

“I’ve heard of You by the hearing of the ear, but now my eye sees You.” Job 42:5

Sometimes I can read scriptures I have read many times before, and then one day one just kinda lights up and gets personal.

Have you ever heard so much about someone that you felt like you knew them? Then after meeting and getting to know them you realize what you had heard was only a part of who they were?

Growing up I heard a lot about The Lord…and through hearing I thought I knew who He was. It wasn’t until I had a personal encounter with Him, and spent time getting to know Him, that my eyes were opened. I realized how wrong my perspective of Him had been.

We read about Job and how he had many thoughts and questions about God during his time of trouble. He even listened to the advice and opinions of his friends and their thoughts of why he was suffering. But it wasn’t until God began to speak that his questions got answered and his were eyes opened.

In the middle of Job’s suffering he felt like God wasn’t anywhere near, but we can see that it was through Job’s grief that God was able to reveal to him His deep compassion and mercy – that He is always listening, observing and working all things together for His purpose.

It’s so easy to have faith when life is smoothly sailing along but then we allow fear and doubt to crowd into our mind when the storms come. Job’s storm caused him distress, doubt, and anguish, but after his personal conversation with God, he gained insight into God’s heart. It was no longer something he had just heard about, it was something he experienced personally.

In this life we will experience times of trouble, distress, and doubt. We may even have a friend list that consists of all sorts of flavors…with advice and opinions that are all over the spectrum. But there is no friend like Jesus.

He adds all the ingredients we need. He is a great listener and His Word gives us all the advice we will ever need. Through Him we have access to His peace that surpasses all understanding. Our happy place will always be found in the state of His Grace.

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