Lost & Found

Guest Post by Miss Kiley Kunk

Here recently I got back from church camp. Church camp is always the highlight of my summer. I get so much out of it, including what I’m here to talk about today.

Our pastor hit on being lost but then found. This really hit for me because as a teenager, I often find myself struggling to stay in the word or just do a simple Bible study at night.

I get so caught up in what the world has to offer that I lose sight of God. I then start to feel lost and lose my sense of direction. In these times, it’s important to remember that no matter how far from God you feel, you are never too lost to be found.

In Luke 15:4, Jesus talks about when shepherds lose their sheep. If a Shepard were to lose one sheep out of one hundred, he would then leave the ninety-nine to find that one sheep.

This is the same way with God. We tend to run from our problems instead of turning to God for help. At that point we’re at our lowest and feel like one in a million. We feel like we’re just someone that has no value and is useless.

God’s still holding on to you, and He never once left you. Our value to God is incalculable. The love He has for us never fails. No matter how much wrong we do, or how lost we may feel, He always finds us.

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