Above the Waves

Guest Post by Miss Brooklynn Manzer

Psalms 89:9

“you rule over the surging sea; when it’s waves mount up, you still them.”

Personally, I love the beach.I love the water, and I love the waves. The waves remind me of life, in a crazy way. You have to keep your eyes above the waves so you don’t go under. Just like you have to keep your eyes above all the stress, worry, anxiety, and all the other things of life. We have to keep our eyes on God.

We have to stay afloat.

God will put people in our lives to keep us floating. God will keep us floating. Without God we’re just going to sink.

To understand this crazy thing I’m trying to explain, think of the waves and the water as the stressful things in life. Worry, anxiety, stress, loss, pain, etc.. We have to keep our eyes above it all. It’s almost like the saying “keep your eyes on the prize” except we didn’t earn the prize, it was given.

To stay floating in the water of craziness, we have to remember that God will be there to keep us floating. He will give us people to help us.

Those people are the ones that helped make me into who I am today. One of those people is my Aunt Day-Day, Daisy Marino. She inspires me daily, and she keeps me floating. The day this is being posted is actually her birthday. So happy birthday Day-Day, love ya.

All of this to say, don’t let yourself sink.

Remember those people who help you. Remember that God is always with you. The hard things we have to go through are just temporary – we have a prize ahead of us.

Just keep your eyes above the waves.

Dear Lord, thank you for today. I pray that you will be with everyone as they go about their days today. I pray that you will help them to keep floating, and I pray for the people that you send to keep them floating. I also pray for the people who are sinking, that you would help them in their hard times, and that they would remember that they aren’t going to drown with you by their side. Thank you for Day-Day and the impact she has made on so many lives. I pray that she will keep on helping people stay floating. In your name I pray, Amen.

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