He always holds firm

Here ya go. If I need to fix anything let me know. Also, here’s a bio update to look more like everyone else’s.

Hi, I’m Tracy Baker. I was born and raised in Kountze, Texas and I’m still here living the dream. I love Jesus, I’m a wife, mom, GIgi, retired teacher/coach and have been a business owner alongside my husband for 23 years. All Glory to God.

For Rays of Sunshine 11/8

Years ago In a women’s Sunday School class we were discussing women in the Bible and how Jael killed Sisera with a tent peg (Judges 4:19). We made jokes that we should keep a tent peg in our purse for emergencies. Recently the Lord showed me that a tent peg is so much more.

(Zechariah 10:4) From them will come the cornerstone, From them the tent peg, From them the bow of battle, From them every ruler, all of them together. ( NASB )

After I read that verse that I know I’ve read before, the Lord stopped me in my tracks. Tent peg. I’ve always heard Jesus referred to as a cornerstone and I get it, vaguely. I don’t use cornerstones, my house doesn’t have one, so to me it’s just a general reference.

A tent peg is a different story. I’ve dealt with those firsthand. If you have every fought with a tent and lost then you get it. Or, if you ever left the bag with the stakes or pegs at home you get it. Without the pegs you just have a hot mess, but when you put those pegs in the corners and at the end of the guidelines you have a stable and secure shelter.

That’s a great analogy for a life with Christ. When we accept Jesus as Lord and Savior He brings stability and peace. We can rest in the fact that we have a security we can count on. Storms can blow and our little tent of life may sway a bit, but Jesus our tent peg always holds firm.

If you are on the outside looking in and wondering how this can be true, I pray you seek Jesus out today. He is right there waiting for you to come to Him.

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