The Ultimate Gift

“Unto us a Child is born

The King of kings and Lord of lords

And He shall reign forevermore, forevermore.

If I were a wise man

I would travel far

If I were a shepherd,

I Would do my part, but poor as

I am I will give to Him my heart

And He shall reign Forevermore, forevermore.”

Chris Tomlin did what he does best once again when he published “He Shall reign Forevermore” in 2015. Bringing a worship song to life.

What a beautiful time to reflect on the true meaning of Christmas. There’s a little bit of Heaven everyday. Christmas time, there’s a whole lot of Heaven everyday. When I thought of Christmas, I had three things come to mind:


A King

New Beginnings

Giving – Christ was the example of giving from the very beginning. Giving life to an unborn Savior. Giving Mary and Joseph a child. Giving his one and only son. A Father who still gives today. As you receive a gift this year, or perhaps give a gift, think of all the many things Christ has given you over time.

A King – A leader and protector. A King who knows all and sees all. A King who loves. Preparing a kingdom for his people, the ultimate gift of eternity.

New Beginnings – I love this one. Life is full of new beginnings. Or we dream of having a new beginning. What’s a better fresh start, or new beginning than the birth of a Savior? A new beginning for our world. To save our world.

May you be reminded of the gift of Jesus Christ this season. The new beginning He gave us that very night. Thank you Jesus, you are the ultimate gift.

Merry Christmas all. He Shall Reign, forevermore.

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