The past month I’ve been roaming around the Old Testament – just wondering around from place to place ya know.

Along my journey I got stuck in Deuteronomy. I got stuck right where the Israelites got stuck.

Man, it’s easy for me to judge them – to cast shame on them for not totally trusting God. It’s easy to say that I would never. That I would never ever.

But y’all let’s be real – we are just as human as they were, and we fail just as much – if not more.

Their lack of trust landed them hoofing through the wilderness for way too long.

Their lack of trust boils down to disobedience y’all. When God tells you to turn left, but you turn right that’s disobedience. When God tells you to take a step but you stand still. Disobedience.

So we have a choice guys – we can do what God is telling us to do. No matter how scary. No matter how daunting it seems. Or we can choose to wonder around aimlessly in the wilderness.

You will feel unsettled.

You will feel unfulfilled.

You will feel unsatisfied.

So like the Bible says you can make your plans all you want to, but until you follow God’s path for your life you will be in a constant GPS reroute.

That annoying little GPS voice isn’t going to stop until you’re back on the right track.

How do you want to live today? Unsettled or certain.

It’s your choice.

In their hearts humans plan their course, but the LORD establishes their steps. Proverbs 16:9

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