It’s not about me

I have sat many times pondering the dreaded “what.” What if I do this, but it ends up like that? What should I do next? What if this happens? What is the next thing?” And of course, “what should I say?” It can be an agonizing process that can lead to feeling stuck, irritated, frustrated, dismayed, hardened, weak and/or bitter. The “what” questions are ones to ponder, as I focus on God’s purpose in my life. But what is more agonizing is when I pause to measure my “what” against my “why.”

Why do I want or hope for this? Why do I want to respond or say that? Why do I want to go? Is it for my glory and/or to meet a desire that “I” want?

You see, the “what” can often look noble, honoring, even impressive to myself or others. However, it all comes back to Jesus and the Glory of God’s kingdom. So, if my why does not line up with God’s Word, my what can have me moving in the wrong direction.

The truth is that Jesus cares more about the why than He does the what. The why can change your what to a how, instead. How can I reflect the gospel of Christ in all my ways? How am I being obedient, according to His word in the “right now?” How can I show love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, gentleness, faithfulness and self-control in my workplace, home, community and church body? Those are questions to put my why and motivation in check. They become priority over the struggle of what to do.

At the end of the day, at the end of my life, it is about leading others to Him and representing the Gospel so that all may come to know him. As that becomes our focus, our purpose becomes clear.

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