🎶Spirit lead me where my trust is without borders🎶

Have you ever stopped and thought about that lyric? Cause I was listening to a cover of this song, and I felt that lyric. I can’t explain it but I felt like I needed to write about it.

I thought about the borders part. “where my trust is without borders”

I think we all have doubts. I think we all also put up borders when we get scared, or uncomfortable, or aren’t ready for something.

You start to not trust God anymore.

Maybe you start doubting what God is leading you to, to what He is calling you to?

Maybe you’re like me and you shut people out. You start distancing yourself because you’re afraid?

But think about that lyric. “Spirit lead me”.

Let the Holy Spirit, let God, lead you. Pull those borders down and let God lead you to where you are uncomfortable. To where you’re scared. To what you aren’t ready for yet.

Because He is still with you. He is still leading you.

I think sometimes we get too caught up in what we think is best for ourselves. We forget that God knows our heart better than we do.

He knows what is best.

He knows that you’re scared.

That you aren’t ready. He knows that you are having doubts.

But just take a minute and let Him lead you to where your trust is finally without borders. Let Him show you that you can trust Him; Let Him lead you to where you think you can’t fight for yourself. But remember, He has already fought, and He won your battle for you.

He can lead you so that your trust is without borders.

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