Stop Hiding

Vulnerability. Exposure. Being laid bare before others. It’s something no one enjoys, because since the fall of man, we don’t like being “naked” in front of others. It often brings a sense of shame, but that’s not at all what our Father’s heart intended for us when He created in us the need to be connected to people, to one another. His intention for the exposure was never to bring shame but to bring healing.

We were never meant to walk the path of life alone or to “figure it out ourselves.” He created us with the purpose of fellowship and connection. He literally said, “It is not good for man to be alone.” And from the very beginning the enemy has conned us into shame and hiding. Man partnered with shame and hid from the very thing, the very One, who had the answer. They assumed that God would reject them for their nakedness, and they hid. Their hiding kept them from the One who would actually cover their nakedness and find a way to repair what had once been and what was lost.

It’s no different today. The moment we feel exposure coming or an opportunity to be vulnerable with our brothers or sisters we hide, afraid of being naked or laid in front of them. We have partnered with the lie that shame and condemnation is what we will be handed in return. The truth is that we are in a process of refining, and part of that process is for dross to come to the surface. It’s not the negative thing the enemy has trained us to believe but rather it means that our value is about to increase. In order for the value of a metal to increase, it has be put to flame and the impurities rise to the surface…exposed. The metal worker doesn’t condemn the metal for it’s impurities, they simply put it to the fire so that the worth the metal worker knows is already there can be revealed.

The Father wants you to know that exposure and vulnerability with others wasn’t designed by Him to embarrass you. It was designed by Him to increase your value. Stop hiding in the bushes of shame. Come out, be healed and made whole.

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