A Heart Transplant

The amazing human heart, the size of a large fist, beats 100,000 times per day and pumps five liters of blood throughout the body. It runs on electricity, which allows it to still beat when disconnected from the body. Ironically, this life-giving machine that signals human life at 4 weeks in the womb, has a limited ability to repair itself. The heart can not regrow new, healthy cells once it is diseased. However, there are heart transplants to give humans a new healthy heart and an improved quality of life.

Not only are heart doctors credited with performing life-saving heart transplants, but God is the Master surgeon. In Ezekiel 36:26, God says, “I will give you a new heart and put a new spirit in you; I will take the heart of stone out of your flesh and give you a heart of flesh.” Through this verse, I found out first hand that God gives us parenting instructions!

A multitude of “boy” moms will agree that during the teenage years, an alien invasion takes place overnight. These space creatures capture our precious sons and leave us with a “stranger”. I remember asking God, “When was my loyal buddy, who was full of wonder and exhibited such a deep love for Jesus at an early age, ever going to return?” He constantly bullied his sisters and became defiant! I could not get him to hug me or talk about his problems.

I remember driving home from church one night while he incessantly cried and begged me not to tell his dad that he had been extremely disrespectful to his Awana teacher.


During this difficult season, my son also ruined many family meals. Secretly, I dreaded dinner-time because his bad attitude and poor appetite made all of us miserable. Why couldn’t our home be the safe, little piece of heaven it once was. My other 2 children were sick and tired of this monster living in their house.

Empty, confused, lonely, and broken-hearted- how could I fix this son of mine? I read Dr. Dobson books, prayed, joined bible-studies, cried, and begged my family to be patient and forgiving.

A few years later, God screamed out Ezekiel 36:26. There was my answer as to how to pray for my prodigal teenager! Finally, after praying this scripture, I felt at peace. As I prayed , I inserted my boy’s name over and over!! “I will give ______a new heart and put a new spirit in_______; I will take the heart of stone out of _________’s flesh and give him a heart of flesh.” This verse is etched in my heart, and brings so much faith to me.

A heart transplant took place and my prayers were answered. God gave my son a new heart, and HE is not finished!!! Everyday, I am astounded when I see my son loving his sisters, hugging, laughing, enjoying his family, hanging out with us, and just being the man who God created him to be. It is a joy to be his mom and feel the warmth and bond again.

Jesus, thank you for providing me with the exact words to pray for my child.

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