Jesus tells us, “I am the bread of life. Whoever comes to me will never go hungry.”

What is spiritual hunger?

What is physical hunger?

Hunger is a feeling of discomfort or weakness caused by lack of food coupled with the desire to eat

There’s a song “Amen simple Gospel“ by Kari Jobe. I first heard this song with the passing of my mama. It spoke volumes to me, and I pretty much listen to it at least once every day. I guess it goes back to my heart feelings about hunger. Everyday when I say my prayers I ask for the hungry to be fed and the sick to be well in a way that they see it is God who provides.

When I first heard this song my heart rejoiced when I heard that the hungry shall feast because I know what physical hunger feels like, and I can’t stand the thought of people -especially children- going hungry. Now I’m not talking about you just ate and I’m still hungry.

I’m talking one meal a day and that’s all there was – no snacks in the cupboard and no munching between meals. The hungry people suffer because the last meal was little and far between. 😢

I’ve often pondered on the subject of spiritual hunger. What does scripture John 6:35 mean? Jesus is the Bread of Life. How will we never go hungry again? By eating.

We can compare our physical hunger with spiritual hunger to get our answer. Physical hunger is a feeling of discomfort or weakness caused by lack of food and is coupled with desire to eat.

To never go spiritually hungry we have to snack on JESUS! Jesus has everything we need for our spiritual state. HE said whoever comes to Him will not go hungry. Go hungry – that’s the key phrase. If you snack, eat, snack, eat and repeat you will not go hungry. I love my Jesus, and I snack on Him every hour of the day by thanking him for things throughout the day.

Talking to Him even over the littlest stuff and then eating when I’m praying and reading his word, ect…..

If you don’t eat and snack on spiritual things of Jesus your mind will become weak, you will feel discomfort, and like the body you will have desires to eat the intake of unhealthy spiritual things.

You fill in the blank because we all eat differently. This will eventually cause great hunger – ultimately lead to starving. Spiritual starvation is a terrible lonely place😢

Come all who are hungry.

One day we will feast on Jesus when we see him face to face.

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