There ‘s always an excuse for being late to something.

When was the last time God was our excuse for being late? “I’m sorry…I just got so caught up in His presence that I lost track of time.”

My bet is never.

And yet, when He calls us away to spend time with Him, we give Him one right after the other, “I have to pick up my kid from practice,” “I’m too tired,” or “I made plans with a friend.”

We can justify ourselves all day long with the importance of those things, but the reality is that we just told the Creator of this universe that those things trump Him. Those things outrank Him in our hearts.

We do that, because we have the understanding that God will give us more grace than the others will. We abuse His grace, prostituting it for our momentary pleasure rather than appreciate it as a gift of our covenant with Him.

His love is deep, but He’s tired of being our mistress. He’s looking for a bride.

It’s time to stop treading the shallow waters of Christianity. He’s calling us deeper.

”Behold I stand at the door and knock…”

Will you invite Him in, or will you be too busy?

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