His Plans

In 2007, the “breast cancer” diagnosis was not a total surprise.  My mom and sister had it, so it was not totally ‘out of the blue’ but it rocked my world.  The news that the cell type was highly metastatic left me broken and afraid. The treatment plan of yearlong chemo, then radiation, was horrifying!  

At that news, I skipped right over the denial stage of grief and landed with both feet in ANGER.  I told God that this wasn’t right!  “I have plans Lord! I want to lead and teach women’s Bible Study plus I have a new grandbaby to love!”  What about MY plans God?!  I was mad and I was LOUD about it!  

If you want to hear God laugh, tell Him about your plans!  My plans changed. But Jesus was always there and walked me through breast cancer simply fine.  Nothing is too hard for God.  He healed my brokenness. Today, I thank Him for my gains.  My faith muscle needed exercise to be strong!  If I was going to teach women, I needed to know what Jesus’ peace feels like.  It’s AWESOME!  If you aren’t living in His peace today ask God for it.  He freely gives.  I am more than a survivor of breast cancer.  I am an overcomer by the blood of the Lamb and the word of my testimony.

Yesterday a friend asked me to close my eyes and picture where Jesus is. I could see Jesus, right by my side where He always has been.  What love!  Jesus has one hand on my shoulder and the other ready to go firmly over my mouth when needed.  What a great friend He is!  What amazing plans God has for our lives.  His plans are good, and He has the Words of eternal life.  

Jesus loves you more than you can imagine!  He knows you and generously gives comfort, guidance, and peace.  All gifts from a loving God!

Regarding what happened with MY plans during those treatment years – they changed a bit but my commitment to serve God did not waver. I made it through because He gave me His strength.  Was it all easy?  NO!  “But God”.

Those Words in the Bible are important to me.  When life is overwhelming, and we just can’t do it, God shows up and shows off.

My plans to serve God enlarged from the church to the treatment waiting rooms.  There is no greater opportunity to share the message of God’s love and power than at the hospital.  

Breast cancer is no longer a death sentence as medical advancements are phenomenal, but Our Healer is Jesus Christ alone.  That’s the God we worship. He is not the God of brokenness, but the God of wholeness. He cures. He restores. He resurrects. That is why He is Jehovah Rapha, “the God who heals.”

“He is not the God of brokenness, but the God of wholeness. He cures. He restores. He resurrects.” Michael Youssef, Leading the Way.

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