Never alone

You have breast cancer…
I have participated in breast cancer awareness events many times, but had no clue what I really needed to be aware of! In 2012, God was about to show me. My ministry was about to expand to waiting rooms, standing in line, waiting for an elevator…to people from all over the world looking for hope and healing.

In June, I had my annual “female” exam with Pap and Mammogram. I never had bad results before, but both came back abnormal. The doctor promptly removed the bad cells on my cervix. I showed him how my right breast dimpled (a sign of cancer) when I raised my arm. The doctor said he would redo the mammogram in six months (January).

I became very familiar with my small breasts, examining them for lumps. (It didn’t take me long.) In September, I called my doctor when I could feel something I described as being the shape of a small grub worm under my right nipple where the dimple was. The doctor ordered an ultrasound, during which the radiologist called the doctor to order a biopsy. The biopsy was scheduled and performed on October 1.

“You have breast cancer“, the nurse told me on October 4. She said I needed to see the doctor to discuss my treatment plan and to bring my husband. I immediately went cold and numb. I was in disbelief. What would be next?

Have you ever felt that way? It doesn’t have to be a cancer diagnosis, but something happens that you are just left stunned? What is next? What am I supposed to do? I think this was how God guarded my heart and mind and helped me cope with news at first. 

During the doctor visit, he said my breast cancer was the best kind to have because it is very treatable. We disagreed on where I should receive treatment and argued pros and cons. I ended up at MD Anderson where I wanted and was re-screened.

The cancer was Stage IIIc, because it had spread outside the milk ducts to both my underarm and neck lymph nodes. My oncologist said it would not have been good if I had waited until January. She discovered I have the BRCA2 gene mutation, which increases risk of breast and ovarian cancers. She wanted to start chemotherapy ASAP. 

However, more tests revealed a tumor in my right kidney. The urologist said 85% of those are malignant. So, we prayed for me to be in the 15%. On Thanksgiving eve, Joy called me from MD Anderson saying I could start chemotherapy the next week. The kidney tumor was benign! God is so good!

God cares for the little stuff, too. My son was graduating from the university exactly three weeks after my first treatment. I just wanted my hair for the ceremony. My hair started falling out the day after!

Is dying the worst thing that could happen to me? That is a hard question for some. For me, physical suffering would be bad! Since I am a child of God, death is the fulfillment of His promise that I will be with Him and live for eternity. I just hope I sing better in heaven!

While I am alive, I will tell anyone about my Jesus! God has expanded my ministry to anywhere my foot carries me. He can and continues to use my life events like surviving breast cancer, losing a kidney, showing off my grandbaby, getting burned, or losing my job for His glory!

John 16 shows me Jesus’ love and concern for His disciples before He dies on the cross. Jesus talks about when they scatter, He will be alone, but God is with Him. He said this for their peace of mind. He also tells them they will experience trouble, tribulation, and suffering in the world, but to be courageous because He has overcome or conquered the world.

Isn’t it something how Jesus is telling them to be courageous right before He suffers and dies??? I know I am never alone because the Holy Spirit lives within me. God gave me such peace and purpose through this scripture and others.

I have no problem letting everyone know to be familiar with your “Bobs” and if you feel or see lumps, bumps or wrinkles where they ought not be, TELL YOUR DOCTOR and insist on getting it checked out.

Praise God with a smile on your face. I can always find someone worse off that needs hope and healing.

James 5:14-15
1 Peter 5:7
Philippians 4:6-13
James 1:2-4
John 16:16-33
Romans 8:18-28
Jeremiah 29:11-13

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