The Journey

My breast cancer journey is part of a larger spiritual journey that began when I was young. I grew up in a time when churches did not live up to the commandment to love one another. I decided that my profession of faith would be with service not words. I wanted to live my faith.

When Gabe was old enough to start school, I was led to the Montessori method of teaching. Part of our training was to read the New Testament and note Jesus’s words about children. This spiritual approach to teaching offered an outlet for my belief that the best way to follow Jesus was through teaching. Jesus admonished us to love and care for each other. What a gift to take into the teaching profession!

When the decision to follow this ideal is made, the gifts of love, compassion, and patience follow sometimes slowly! Beautifully, others who are dedicated to making His love the center of their lives begin to build a community. At MD Anderson I found medical professionals who had decided to turn their lives over to this power of love and healing. They support their patients with hope and compassion. They have trained for years to help people when they are fighting for their lives. This healing community became my happy place. Next my friends and family who decided to upend their usual life to love and support me were putting their faith and beliefs into action. My WISD family offered support that defies understanding. Their service to me guided by their faith carried me financially, physically, and spiritually. Their prayers transformed my intense personality to PEACE. The churches in the area who prayed for me wrapped me in a chrysalis of love and peace.

This experience could have been shattering. With the community of His love, I emerged with a deeper understanding of the power of this love. If we can learn with the same love, forgiveness, and compassion Jesus modeled for us, all things are possible.

P.S. My child and grandchild were secure and happy during this time. I didn’t have the same worries as my younger friends who had to worry about who would care for their children. Their journey was far more intense.

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