She understood the assignment

I love to imagine the backstory of the lives of people in the Bible. What was their life like before God stepped in with an assignment. I imagine Mary was in the middle of planning her wedding, all the little intricate details that goes along with it. Maybe she was thinking about her future with Joseph and what that would look like.

Then God interrupts and sends Gabriel with a very unexpected announcement…

“Mary, you have found favor in sight of God, you are chosen to be the Mother of Jesus, the Son of God.” She doesn’t completely understand it all, but because of her trust and faith in God she accepted her role. She goes to tell her good news to her cousin Elizabeth, and they celebrate. Mary then rejoices and magnifies the Lord because she knows she is blessed.

When God interrupts life in the middle of well laid plans, He always has a purpose. We may not fully understand the direction He is taking us – and Gabriel may not show up with a big announcement. But if our trust and faith is in The Lord, we can accept the role He has set before us and know that He is God, His way and thoughts are higher than ours. He knows exactly what we need, when we need it, and the blessing that will be from it.

In Luke 2:19 “Mary pondered all the things in her heart”.

I can only imagine the wonder in her eyes as she looked at her baby! Mary did you know that the child you just delivered would one day deliver you? Did you know when you kissed His cheeks, you kissed the face of God?


Merry Christmas to all! Remember Jesus is the reason for the season! He is worth celebrating!

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